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Handmade Jewelry!

Welcome to my handmade bead and wire jewelry site!  My name is Cindy and I am a registered dental hygienist living in IL.  My handmade jewelry is inspired by the classic; but I also love alternatives and contemporary.  I have put a lot of passion into combining some of my favorite elements for my company Eclectic Icing.  Some of these  elements include Art Deco, Bohemian, and flowery designs.  

As a Christian, I believe Jesus makes and accepts all of us as unique masterpieces with a purpose.  Everyone has unlimited potential regardless of your background.  Each person is composed of eclectic elements unique only to them.  I hope  Eclectic Icing serves as a reminder that each of us is a art work in progress.  We also deserve to feel attractive on the inside and the outside!  :)

Our hope for this site is to encourage positive inner expression, energy, and healing.  Contact us regarding posting your artwork here!  We also want to welcome your insights regarding faith, spirituality, healing, personal empowerment, health, or announcements on our bulletin board.  (Please keep in mind this is a Christ orientated site.)      

Eclectic Icing encourages you to click on the Symmetry link on the left side of the screen.  These nutritional supplements use Deltasorb which is patented only to Symmetry.  The daily nutritional supplement also contains a combination of more nutrients than any other product you can buy on the shelf.  (If you did, it would cost over $200) Please feel free to take a free health questionnaire at www.realage.com  or email me for a health questionnaire.

I love the products, but everyone needs nutrition!  The proper diet, exercise, emotional outlets and water all combined promote optimal wellness.  

This website is all about an eclectic mix of wellness.  We want you to be the happy healthy positive person you can be.  Take care.


Please feel free to contact me at climnhigher@yahoo.com regarding questions or comments of any kind.    

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