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Handmade Jewelry
"Collections to top off the greatest masterpiece...you!"

To purchase items, click on the 'purchase' link next to the jewelry you'd like to buy and you will be forwarded to PayPal to complete your order. 

Amethyst modern fantasy necklace #1001 Only $33.00



Fun glass pearl chandelier earrings earrings #4001 Only $15.00


Fun glass multi-colors with pearls necklace #1002 Only $33.00


Modern classic fantasy necklace #1003 Only $33.00


Bohemian art glass chandelier earrings earrings  #4002 only $15

Bohemian Artglass & Crystals Necklace #0787 only $33

Turquoise, black and pearls necklace #1004 Only $33.00

Organic, blue glass and semi-precious stones necklace #1005 Only $33.00

Organic, purple glass and fluorite necklace #1006 Only $33.00

Orange swirl cubes and beads necklace #1007 Only $33.00

Aqua swirled cubes and flowers necklace #1009 Only $33.00
*Prices shown do NOT include $5 shipping and handling.

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